Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS


People who abuse drugs are more at risk for HIV and AIDs due to more uninhibited, risky behaviors while under the influence.

There are various ways in which HIV is transmitted from one person to another. One is when people share dirty needles to inject illicit drugs. The virus can remain active on needles for a period of time, and all it takes is sharing a needle once to be exposed to the virus.

HIV is also a sexually-transmitted disease. Risky sexual behaviors while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more likely, as the “high” can lower the person’s ability to make good decisions regarding safer sex, especially with new partners whose HIV status is unknown.

To learn more about the link between drug abuse and HIV and AIDS, as well as some interesting statistics about HIV and AIDS, we encourage you to continue reviewing and reading the following infographic.

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed as HIV positive due to drug use, please contact Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs today.

The Risks of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Infographic

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