Journey to Sobriety: Strategies For Success

What begins as recreational drug or alcohol use can eventually turn into a serious addiction. Addiction can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from personal and professional relationships, to finances to health and overall quality of life.


The misconception that people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol simply lack the willpower or moral principles to quit is in decline. The science of addiction tells us otherwise: that addiction is a complex disease, and that quitting requires more than just good intentions. Today we know that drug use changes brain function in significant ways, which can make quitting “cold turkey” difficult.
Alcohol and drug rehab centers can make a tremendous difference by providing the medical oversight and tools a person needs to manage their addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

This eBook explores:Journey to Sobriety Ebook

  • The science of addiction
  • What to expect in treatment
  • The importance of family education and participation in treatment
  • Managing addiction after treatment
  • Recognizing the signs of stress, a leading relapse trigger
  • Practical tips for avoiding relapse
  • The benefits of holistic therapies
  • The advantages of support groups


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