Going to College While in Early Recovery: A Guide for Students

Drug and alcohol abuse is common throughout colleges and universities. The abuse of prescription drugs, in particular, is reaching epidemic levels. Many students view college as a time to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and society tends to contribute to this mindset by reinforcing the notion that drug and alcohol use are an accepted rite of passage for college students. This can lead students to engage in dangerous substance abuse behaviors.

In the absence of positive influence and guidance that family members tend to provide, a significant number of college students will develop serious substance abuse disorders while attending school. Thankfully, science and medical professionals have begun to lift the veil of negativity and shame that has plagued those suffering from the disease of addiction. Experts are now recognizing addiction as a disease and treating substance abuse disorders accordingly. Universities and colleges are increasingly establishing sober programs on-campus while partnering with organizations off-campus to help students navigate school during their recovery. ebooks-228x300

This eBook explores:

  • The statistics on drug and alcohol abuse among college students
  • The importance of addiction recovery programs for students
  • Ways students can improve their chances of staying sober while in college
  • The concept of addiction as a family disease
  • How family members can provide support for their loved one in recovery
  • The importance of self-care for family members of a loved one in recovery

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