Understanding the Dangers of a Meth Overdose

Understanding the Dangers of a Meth Overdose

Methamphetamine—it’s one of the most devastating and addictive drugs present on the streets of the U.S. today. The meth epidemic has waxed and waned, over recent years, but continues to spread like wildfire through cities, villages, and even tiny countryside towns.

Although most people begin experimenting with it simply because it causes excitement and euphoria, the drug can quickly strip people of their health and lives. If you or someone you love is struggling with methamphetamine addiction, you should know that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life struggling; there is hope. Drug rehab treatment can significantly improve your chances of living a sober and fulfilling life.

Statistics of Meth Overdose

Methamphetamine is notoriously dangerous because street purity levels can vary dramatically. To complicate matters further, individual tolerance also plays a role; a heavy addict might barely feel 100 milligrams, while a new user could overdose on the same amount. This makes the drug extremely unpredictable and increases the risk of fatal overdoses dramatically.

As a general rule, most researchers agree that overdose ratios fall somewhere between 50 milligrams and 150 milligrams. The risk of overdose increases dramatically for users who smoke or inject methamphetamine. Oral ingestion is safer, but only by a slim margin. It is still not “safe,” by any means.

Negative Effects of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine has a tendency to produce extreme symptoms even with simple intoxication. Users may become manic or anxious and may experience a racing heartbeat and high blood pressure. Overdose can cause dangerously high blood pressure, strokes, heart attack, breathing difficulties, and even complete cardiovascular collapse. Most users who overdose fatally do so because of strokes or heart attacks.

Psychosis, both temporary and permanent, is also a significant side effect. It’s easy to overlook these risks when you’re mired in your addiction, but you deserve to live and flourish; seek drug addiction treatment from a reputable treatment facility such as Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers before you reach this point. With the right support, you can move on from this difficult experience to live a worthwhile and rewarding life after drug addiction.