Is My Teenager Addicted to Drugs?

No parent wants to admit that their son or daughter may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that many will have to face at some point in their lives.

Given the growing national addiction problem, it’s crucial that parents learn the signs of drug abuse. By spotting the warning signs, they stand a better chance of intervening before it destroys their child’s life.

How do you know whether your son or daughter is suffering from addiction or merely going through an adolescent phase—a normal part of growing up?

There are many signs of drug addiction—anything from failing grades and changing habits to poor grooming and weight loss. Some signs, like moodiness, can mimic the effects of hormonal changes. Some, like poor grooming or losing friends, may point as much toward teenage awkwardness as toward substance abuse.

While one or two signs are not a cause for major concern, a pattern of behavior is—particularly a pattern of behavior that marks a sudden departure from normal. If your child suddenly starts displaying a number of alarming behaviors, then it might be time to stage an intervention.

How do you balance concern with fairness? How do you worry without getting paranoid?

The key is to know the signs well and observe carefully. Take a look at our infographic to familiarize yourself with the warning signs of teenage drug addiction.

Is My Teenager Addicted to Drugs?

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