Why You Sometimes “Black Out” When Intoxicated

If going out for a drink has happened to become a night of binge drinking and, in turn, becomes a full-blown blackout, then you might be wondering why you can’t remember a chunk of your night. While you try to figure out what happened during your blackout, learn what the effects are on your brain.

Blackouts are different for everyone. They depend on the individual person, how much alcohol is consumed, how fast the alcohol was downed, and more. Often, other substances such as sedative pills will increase the severity of the blackout, while food will help you sober up and assist in your coming out of the blackout.

Alcohol switches off the brain receptors in the hippocampus, which is the part of your brain that creates new memories. Your hippocampus can’t build up a tolerance like other parts of your brain. Therefore, you can function somewhat normally while being blacked out.

Drinking in a binge-like capacity affects all four parts of your brain. Reference the infographic below to learn more about why blackouts happen.

Why You Sometimes Black Out When Intoxicated

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