Links Between Low Self-Esteem & Drug Addiction (Especially Young Men)

Boy with Low Self-Esteem

How you feel about yourself is one of the most important factors in determining how you will experience the world around you. Your view of the micro world (family, town, and state) and the macro world (the world at large) is greatly impacted by how you view yourself. Low self-worth and a negative self-image can lead to major mental health issues, including drug addiction. Discover the intimate connection between self-esteem, alcohol abuse, and drug addictions below.

Negative Beliefs = Negative Friends

Having negative beliefs is intrinsically tied to connections with people who may be toxic or negative for you. This is especially true for young men who often seek outside approval. Young adult males who do not think highly of themselves may find themselves falling for crowds that tend to participate in negative actions simply because they feel wanted, needed, and included. Falling into a bad crowd and looking for acceptance can greatly increase the risk of addiction.

Looking for Escape

Self-esteem invariably causes negative internal dialogue. Those who experience it may be seeking a way to escape the pressures of everyday life. They will also be looking for a way to escape thinking about the poor feelings that they have for themselves.

Drugs are one of the easiest and fasted methods because they distort reality and bring about a temporary euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, both usually lead to an inevitable crash that places the user in a worse position than when they started.

If young people go down the wrong path, it can lead to a lifetime of destructive behavior. Getting back on the right path often means starting with a clean slate emotionally. Increasing self-worth and viewing yourself with new eyes is one of the most important facets of rehab for those who seek treatment. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, contact Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers today.