Emotional Phases of an Addict

Emotional Phases of an Addict

At Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers, we’ve worked with addicts at every level of addiction. That’s why we know that every addict goes through several emotional phases during the drug rehab process. From complete emotional upheaval to serene peace and finding your center, we work hand in hand with addicts to develop coping skills and emotional literacy so they can live better lives.


This is the first and most common emotional phase. Some addicts live in denial for months, while others stay there throughout much of their entire lives (especially if they don’t seek help).


If outside pressure causes enough anxiety, an addict in denial may move into isolation. He or she may cease contact with loved ones and become more and more reclusive. They may even move away to continue their addiction “in peace.”


Once addicts eventually begin to come to grips with their addiction, they often experience anger. This can be outward or inward; addicts may ask “why me” or may blame others for their addiction in the first place.


The next emotional stage in addiction is bargaining. The addict may begin to realize that they’re going to separate from their drug of choice and withdraw; this may produce begging, suggesting moderate use, stating they’ll reduce use or quit. This is rarely the case.


Once addicts step beyond bargaining and engage with the process, they often experience depression. There’s a kind of grief that comes with early recovery; a sadness at parting ways with an old friend. Counselors help addicts find ways to move beyond this depression into the next step.


Last, but certainly not least, is acceptance. This is when addicts accept the fact that their time in addiction is over, and they actively move forward to seek healthy new lives. This is what we work for and strive for! Need help reaching this step yourself? Contact Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers today for more information on our drug treatment approach.