Celebrities Overcoming Struggles with Drug Addiction

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. For decades, many people believed that drug addiction was an epidemic that only troubled a certain class of individuals. However, as more and more people are speaking out about their experiences in efforts to help others, the public-at-large is now discovering that addiction is a crisis that affects everyone.

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a lot of “hush-hush” stories that take place behind the scenes, but, as awareness of substance abuse continues to grow, there are many Celebrities Overcoming Struggles with Drug Addictioncelebrities who have come out of the addiction closet to share the truth. Here are a few of the most inspiring people in the public eye conquering their struggles with drugs and alcohol.

  1. Demi Lovato – At one point in Demi’s life, she claimed she couldn’t go longer than one hour without cocaine.1 She also battled bipolar disorder, as well as an eating disorder. Once her problem spiraled out of control, she knew it was time to make a change. Since then, Demi has gone on to inspire millions by not only choosing a life of sobriety but by bringing her rehab crew on tour so they can help fans facing addiction along the way. She is also now co-owner of the recovery facility that helped her achieve success in sobriety.
  1. Robert Downey, Jr. – Perhaps one of the most prolific Hollywood stars to battle addiction under the spotlight, Robert hit rock bottom with a cocktail of drugs he became reliant on to get through the day. He is also a shining example of how much one can achieve through recovery. The relaunch of his career skyrocketed after kicking the habit, with him going on to play iconic, award-winning roles, including Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.
  1. Jamie Lee Curtis – One of the lesser known stars to battle addiction is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Now celebrating 17 years free from opiate addiction, Jamie was a victim of prescription painkillers.2 Though it was legally prescribed, she soon found herself completely reliant on them. Today, she is looking and feeling better than ever as she plays the darkly comical Dean Munsch on Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens.


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