The Benefits of Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor Therapy for Drug Addiction

If you or a loved one is in need of help with addiction, you may be looking at inpatient centers around the country. While many think of drug rehab centers as being confining, there are many excellent centers that offer outdoor therapy as well as other holistic drug treatment options. Sure, the addict will need the structure and counseling that rehab offers, but there are many benefits to outdoor therapy that will enhance the progress made indoors.

Reduces Stress

Just as waking up and being able to look outside and hear the birds sing each morning is peaceful and relaxing, being surrounded by fresh air, sunshine, and nature can help to reduce stress. It has been found that simply spending 30 minutes per day outside helps people feel better, manage stress more effectively, and feel more positive about life in general.

Offers a Sense of Purpose

People struggling with addiction often feel as if they have no purpose. Outdoor therapies such as gardening or animal care help them feel involved and connected. Even those who have little interest in making friends or connecting with people will benefit from being involved in some type of outdoor project.

Physical Health

Whether taking a walk around the grounds or participating in outdoor yoga, being outside is good for the body. People struggling with addiction can soak up Vitamin D and enjoy fresh, clean air while moving around and building up their stamina.

Addiction recovery is a long, hard road, but it’s one of the most worthwhile journeys you’ll ever take. If the thought of being cooped up inside makes you or your loved one reconsider getting help, then it is important to find a rehab that offers some type of outdoor therapy. Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers is happy to discuss therapy and treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction recovery from a holistic perspective. Contact us today for more information!