What Are the Benefits of Music Therapy During Recovery?

Music Benefits During Addiction Therapy

Recovering from addiction is one of the most difficult things that you will ever have to go through, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Addiction recovery and rehabilitation are lifelong events that you will have to take day by day. Every step you take toward sobriety is a positive one, no matter how small.

The best way to get through addiction and ensure that you remain in recovery is to make the process as pleasant as possible. That’s where music rehabilitation can be of great assistance.

Music Helps with Anxiety

Most people use drugs, alcohol, and other addictions as a coping mechanism for blatent mental health struggles. After detoxing from drugs or alcohol, unresolved anxiety can quickly sneak back into your life. Experiencing anxiety and depression may lead you to go back to your old habits.

Music has the ability to help the body and brain calm down, especially during high-stress moments. Listening to uplifting or calming music can also help decrease the effects of depression. Research shows that the right music can lower heart rates, reduce blood pressure, and even help you breathe more naturally in an attack.

Better Self-Realization Happens Through Music

Typically, people select songs because of how they make them feel. When sad, some people will select sad or breakup songs to listen to because the song provides them with an outlet for their emotion. During exercise, many people will select songs with upbeat tempos and lyrics.

The type of music that you select will tell you a lot about how you feel and how you react to certain situations. This will promote self-realization, awareness, and, to some degree, better emotional regulation. As a recovering addict, being in touch with your true feelings will help you work through the emotional side of healing.

Substance abuse treatment is ongoing for any addict. Finding holistic methods of treatment makes the process easier for your body and good for your mind and spirit. Starting music therapy is as easy as turning on your favorite song, but, if you’re seeking additional guidance, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers may be able to help. Call now for information on our many programs.